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ABACUS/DaVinci |
Basics - WEBINAR

Webinar Description

This one-day webinar will give you a sound introduction to the main features of our software, the individual areas of its user interface and the basic outlines of its underlying data model, so that after completing the webinar you will be able to call up regulatory reporting results, conduct analyses and produce output files.

By doing exercises in a live system, you will be able to deepen the webinar topics.  

Training Topics

  • ABACUS/DaVinci basic knowledge
    • GUI structure
    • Main menu items
    • Reporting date, cluster and partitioning concepts
    • Processing: Starting processes and monitoring progress and results 
    • Data flows from source systems to submission file production - overview
    • ABACUS/DaVinci data model basics
    • Data and table handling in the GUI
    • Displaying and researching error tables
    • Introduction to parameterisation
    • Reporting areas in the GUI
  • Display of reporting results, analysis and corrections 
    • Display and research of reporting results
    • Manual corrections
    • Production of change logs 
    • Export of data and reporting forms 
    • Analysis tools (audit trail, allocation conditions, dimensioning, two way audit trail, cluster and system comparison)
  • Rounding, validation and submission file production
    • Validation processes and logs in the context of international and German regulatory reporting requirements
    • Submission file production for international and German regulatory reporting requirements
  • ABACUS/DaVinci documentation


Webinar Audience

This training is aimed at

  • Newcomers to ABACUS/DaVinci
  • IT administrators and auditing staff who wish to gain an insight into the capabilities of the ABACUS/DaVinci interface and of users’ way of working with ABACUS/DaVinci
  • ABACUS/DaVinci users who would like to update or deepen their knowledge about the ergonomic handling of the interface.

Prior knowledge is not required

Technology requirements

This webinar will be held using a video conferencing application (to be specified), which each participant must have access to during the webinar. For the duration of the webinar, each participant will also have access to an ABACUS/DaVinci training system provided by us, which requires internet access. Approximately one week before the webinar date, the trainer holds a short test conference with all registered participants to ensure that technology requirements are met.

Trainers and Webínar Language

All our trainers are employees of BearingPoint Software Solutions GmbH. Due to their extensive practical experience and their well-structured training approach they will provide you with the knowledge required for your daily working with Abacus.

The webinar can be held in English or German.

 Dates / Registration