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Corda Blockchain Training for developers

Training Description

Since the end of 2017, everyone has been talking about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Irrespective of whether the Bitcoin price trend is rising or falling: The principle of a distributed ledger system such as Blockchain, a mechanism for creating integrity in a data system without a central control instance, has come to stay.

Independent, mutual confirmation of data transactions by other network participants prevents data from being duplicated, stolen or manipulated. This gives DLT the potential to revolutionize any kind of centralized data exchange system.
What is missing, however, are programmers who can use this technology to implement the data systems of the future. Therefore, we have developed a two-day training for programming a distributed ledger-based application with the renowned open source software Corda from R3. A training that imparts both the understanding and the competence to work with Corda. 

The objective of this 2-day training is to enable you to program on the DLT Corda and to give you the knowledge base to continue developing your programming skills on Corda independently. Furthermore, after the training you have the possibility to acquire a blockchain developer certificate from R3, for which we prepare you sufficiently.

After a general introduction to distributed ledger systems compared to centralized systems you will get to know the conception, architecture and core elements of the Corda ecosystem. The training focuses on programming a CorDapp (Corda Distributed Application). You will learn to what extent the individual components, which we will implement together during the training, interact with each other and create your first blockchain based application.
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Training topics

  • You will acquire a deeper knowledge about the following Corda concepts and will be able to apply
    them in a transaction-related context:

    • States
    • Schema
    • Contracts
    • Transactions
    • Flows
    • Nodes
  • You will acquire a basic knowledge about the following Corda concepts and their technical implementation:
    • Corda ledger
    • Consensus
    • Notaries
    • Time Windows
    • Oracles
    • Transaction tear-offs
    • RPC Clients
    • Corda APIs

Training Audience

  • IT Managers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Digital Officers
  • Computer Scientists
  • Software Developers/ Engineers
  • Technology Experts/ Technology Consultants

Required knowledge

  • Knowledge in Java programming language
  • IT Background
  • No DLT / Corda Knowledge required

Trainers and Language

All our trainers are employees of BearingPoint Software Solutions GmbH. Due to their extensive practical experience and their well-structured training approach they will provide you with the knowledge required for your daily working.

The training can be held in English or German.

Dates / Registration

For more information about what we do at BearingPoint RegTech DLT, please visit:


“This excellent training is a great combination of theoretical background and hands-on coding! I am convinced that everyone with a technical background will be very satisfied with the way the training is delivered.”
[Nofel GOULLI, Partner, Technology]

“We are convinced that this two-day training is a great starting point for everyone who is keen to learn more about distributed applications and the distributed ledger technology Corda. The training gives the participants the knowledge they need to program CordApps on their own and a basis to further improve these skills by themselves in the future.”
[Bodo Windmöller, Partner and Chief Product Officer, BearingPoint]

“When we started to develop this training, our stated aim was to provide the participants with a profound knowledge about Corda, both from a conceptional and technical perspective. From my perspective, this efforts have been successful. Within those two days, the participants get a good overview about the key concepts of Corda and deeper insights on the technical implementation of the basic concepts that are needed to program a simple CordApp. If the participants build their further Corda skill development on this training, they are well-prepared to become real Corda specialists.”
[Moritz Plenk, Manager and Head of RegTech DLT, BearingPoint]