Abacus360 Banking for Consultants | Basics

Training Description

With Abacus360 Banking, BearingPoint has developed an innovative, sustainable solution that is ready to meet the upcoming challenges in the areas of regulatory reporting, risk calculation and controlling regulatory KPIs.

As an external consultant, you can expect many interesting projects involving the transition from ABACUS/DaVinci to the new Abacus360 Banking platform as well as customer-specific enhancements via the additional use of our advanced tools.

Our 5-days training "Abacus360 Banking for Consultants - Basics" offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge on Abacus360 Banking by looking at the typical phases of transitional projects and at the entire data flow, from operating and source systems through to regulatory report production.

Training Contents

  • B0: Introduction to Abacus360 and its project Approach
    • Brief overview of national and international regulatory reporting requirements
    • General structure of the Abacus360 Banking platform and enhancement options via technical Abacus360 Banking components
    • Current Abacus360 Banking Roadmap
    • Overview of procedures in a typical transition project from ABACUS/DaVinci to Abacus360 Banking
    • Abacus360 Banking interface structure (incl. ABACUS/DaVinci embedded)
    • Documentation and communication
    • Overview of the data flow, from operating and source systems through to report production 
    • Data structure and table handling
  • B1: Data model and design of input Interfaces
    • Introduction to the data model as the basis of delivery and Analysis
      • for ABACUS/DaVinci embedded
      • for Abacus360 Banking
    • Data delivery and import: formats and types
    • Use of the bidirectional Adapter
    • XPO tables and module relevancies
    • Data requirements
  • B2: Processes and functions
    • Overview of the general process flow
    • Consistency error checks
    • Data import process incl. standard pre-processing (e.g. distribution of specific value adjustment provisions, account set-offs)
    • Module-specific processes
    • Additional processes for AnaCredit
  • B3: Implementation
    • System design Abacus360 Banking
    • Outline of partitions concept
    • Layer structure
    • Overview of the execution of an Abacus360 installation as a new installation or upgrade installation onto an existing ABACUS/DaVinci System
    • Batch processing
  • B4: Customizing
    • Technical parameters
    • Module-specific parameters
    • User administration

  • B5: Test and introduction
    • Analysis tools for reports based on ABACUS/DaVinci embedded
      • Drill-down/drill-up options
      • Audit Trail displays
      • Cluster- and reporting date comparisons
    • Abacus360 Banking analysis tools
      • Bidirectional adapter
      • Designer Toolset
      • Static Audit Trail
    • Specific AnaCredit analysis Tools
      • Comparison Kit
    • Execution of migration Tests
    • Validation of regulatory Reports

Training Audience

This training is aimed at mainly functionally oriented consultants in the field of regulatory reporting, who wish to build up Abacus360 Banking knowledge and would like to offer their professional services in Abacus360 implementation Projects.

Trainers and Language

All our trainers are employees of BearingPoint Software Solutions GmbH. Due to their extensive practical experience and their well-structured training approach they will provide you with the knowledge required for your daily working with Abacus.

The training can be held in English or German.

 Dates / Registration 


Notes on Optional Certification

As a proof of your Abacus expertise to your business partners, you can obtain the "Abacus360 Banking for Consultants" certification, once you have completed this training.

Prerequisites for obtaining the Abacus360 Banking certificate are:

  • Participation in this training (compulsory attendance for all parts of the training)
  • Successful passing of the separate examination.

We charge a service fee of EUR 200,00 plus VAT (additional to the training fee) per examination participant.

The examination takes place at seperate dates, independent of the training dates. Please enroll online for the Exam dates no later than 4 weeks before the desired examination date. For administrative reasons, enrollments for examination repeaters have to be made by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please find details on our certification program in the documentation "Certification conditions for Abacus360 Banking", which you will find on our Training website.