Abacus360 Banking  | Technical Administration 

Training Description

Abacus360 Banking is the new, integrated platform for 360° reporting, risk calculation and controlling regulatory KPIs.

As a newcomer, get to know the world of the Abacus Solution Suite and the basic technical concepts of the software. Gain the practical know-how regarding the system architecture, installation, technical configuration and parameterisation of the platform.

Training Topics

  • System architecture 
    • Technical foundation (3-tier architecture, multi layer structure, data tier with MASTER-, EDIT,- TEMP,-VDAL-schema)
    • Scalability

  • Hardware requirements 

  • Installation and parameterisation
    • License model
    • Configuration files
    • DB creation and deployment
    • Patching
    • Clustering
  • Cluster configuration
    • Properties
  • Abacus360 Banking data model and data delivery  
    • Data model
    • Bidirectional Adapter
    • Parametrization 
  • Frontend und backend processing 
    • Batch processing
  • Monitoring 

  • Backup and archiving 

Training Audience

This seminar is aimed at technically oriented newcomers to the Abacus Solution Suite. 

Trainers and Language

All our trainers are employees of BearingPoint Software Solutions GmbH. Due to their extensive practical experience and their well-structured training approach they will provide you with the knowledge required for your daily working with Abacus.

This seminar can be held in English or German.

Please note that the learning material distributed during the seminar is in English (as is the entire technical Abacus documentation). 

 Dates / Registration