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ABACUS|Testing - Basics

Training Description

Each time an ABACUS software change is installed in the form of a hotfix, patch, release or new version, regression tests need to be run in order to guarantee and maintain the complete functionality of the system and to validate the implementation of new regulatory requirements.

This 1-day training gives you an overview of the module ABACUS/Testing, designed to automate your testing processes.

Training Topics

  • Challenges and motivation 
  • ABACUS/Testing process
  • ABACUS/Testing functionalities (e.g. customisable comparison, filtering, deviation statistics, management reports) 
  • Migration testing based on the new Abacus360 Banking platform
  • Regression ABACUS/DaVinci embedded vs. ABACUS/DaVinci
  • Migration quality management – regression DaVinci vs. Abacus360 Banking
  • The Abacus360 component ‘regression testing’
  • Test data Management
  • ABACUS/Testing functional processes and case examples

Training Audience

This is an ABACUS/Testing basics training. It is aimed at technical and functional staff in the areas of system administration and regulatory reporting.

Trainers and Language

All our trainers are employees of BearingPoint Software Solutions GmbH. Due to their extensive practical experience and their well-structured training approach they will provide you with the knowledge required for your daily working with Abacus.

The training can be held in English or German.

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